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Band Bio...



The Rivertubes are:

David Ledgerwood - vocals, guitar and keyboards

Dave Hiney - bass, keyboards and vocals

Don Lapora - drums,vocals and keyboards

Matt Shimabukuro - guitar, keyboards and vocals


The Rivertubes are a band from the Seattle area in Washington State that formed as a three piece in late 1998 and added a fourth member in 2003. We play a mix of styles including folk rock, indie pop, psychedelic and play in public now and then.


We are a DIY band in every sense. We write, record, mix, master, print, copy, promote and manage all of our own projects on our own label, The Zen Ranch. We are more interested in being heard than making money.


Our first release was a 5 song cdr/ep titled Go to the Circus and went out to a few friends. The second release was the full length cdr, Force Field in 2002 in which we made 200 copies and have nearly given them all away. Four songs from Force Field have appeared on two different cassette compilations from Bliss/Aquamarine, Volume #109 and Volume #110.  We then did a request for Indievilles Blod Records. Covered The Bucketheads ?The Bomb? (These Sounds Fall into My Mind) for the How Bizarre compilation. This song has been played on Cleveland Ohio's WCSB 89.3 FM, thanks to Boogiepop Does Not Smile at


Our third release, the cdr/ep Blue Racer, is now available this November 2004. We made 200 copies of this cd as well.


We have been influenced by bands like, Neutral Milk Hotel, Guided by Voices, REM, The Purdins and Tullycraft.


Some reviews we like:


Review from Bliss Aquamarine (England):

a non-profit, diy tape label and indie, alternative & underground music fanzine


RIVERTUBES Force Field CDR (self released)

Rivertubes are a lo-fi (but not too lo-fi), self-taught band who usually play indiepop with folky and quirky bits here and there. They also have some quirky indie-rock (My Bell), off-centre instrumentalism (Iron Horse Socks) and out-and-out experimentation (Crisp). They're dead good at all these styles - there's not a dud track on here. Highly recommended for fans of DIY music.


Review from (Canada)

(Steering clear of the mainstream since 2001).

Rivertubes is a Washington state-based lo-fi indie rock band that specializes in spacey, noisy pop songs drenched in tape fuzz but dripping with raw hooks. Elements of Guided By Voices, Eric's Trip/Elevator, and Tullycraft are all present in their sound, which is a remarkably compelling one.

"Cats Fly Dog Kites" is one of the disc's best songs - it's got a psychedelic folk feel, brimming with pretty hooks and a finely crafted Elevator To Hell-esque chorus. "Go To The Circus," on the other hand, is a crunchy, vaguely Pavement-influenced pop tune that's as infectious as an Oasis single. Meanwhile, "Standard Issue Insect" is much different, with an enjoyably quirky indie rock sound not far off from early Camper Van Beethoven work.

But don't go on thinking Force Field is perfect - there are certainly some downsides to this album. "Mandoor," for example, fails to hold on to the listener's attention due to a lack of effective melody. "Crisp" is also irritating in its needless experimentation, but is short too, fortunately.

All in all, Force Field isn't perfect, and it certainly may be a bit too lo-fi for some listeners, but for those dedicated DIY indie poppers out there, it will make for a very worthwhile purchase.



Thanks for listing:

Rivertubes, David, Don, Dave & Matt.


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