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Join the Fan Club....

Now there's a club for Tubers who just can't get enough of the rivertubes.


Members get a cool rivetubes sticker, (while supplies last) a swell button, (while supplies last)

and access to a special web site just for Tubers.


You'll also find some insight on what some of our songs are about, as well as songs only available on the Fan Club web site.


Ways To join:

Send us your postal mailing address (so we can send you free stuff and put you on the list)


1. Send us an email

Just click on the email link below. If your computer isn't set up with a default email system, then start your regular email and type in the "TO" box and include your email address and we'll put you on the mailing list. There is no need to join HOTMAIL.


2. Write down your information

Give it to a band member or another fan club member and we will get you set up. Its free!!


*No personal info will be given out to any third parties!


Click here to go to the Fan Club Page.





  click here for a .wav

  click here for a .mp3




Contact us at