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Welcome to the Fan Club....


You head butted your way through the Punk bands of the 70's, rode the 80's Wave, got dirty with the Grunge bands, and dodged the Boy bands of the 90's. Now try the rivertubes.


If you didn't get a cool sticker, send us an email


Click on a link below to hear some unreleased classic noise.


Cook your carcass 2.3MB - Living in the Desert 


The first song from a long time ago 2.5MB - Slugs in the Salad 





Model Railroad:

This is on older song that Dave Ledgerwood has been banging out on the guitar for quite a while. The song really came to life when Don joined in on drums. This song was inspired by one of our hero's, "Neil Young".

Neil is a big model railroad collector who has brought a lot of great music and ideas to the world.


Afraid of the dark:

This song is about challenging yourself, looking past what you see and finding the truth. Originally, it was written as the theme song for a screen play titled "Ephrata". The film is in the works and will probably be a long time out. It puts a group of kids from a small town up against some long-lived superstitions. The premise is that one day we all grow up and quit believing in monsters. (Too bad!).

We have written a number of songs for this project. The songs come faster than the script but it all comes in it's own time.


Standard Issue Insect:

Standard Issue Insect is about the lawyers who take on frivolous cases for people suing others unjustly for pure greed. These lawyers are emotionless and merciless, using the law as weapons on the defenseless, draining their victims of everything they possess. In court, they are graceful, powerful, poetic and deadly.


Secret Plane:

The spy plane is in your brain. You are paranoid of the government, thinking you are being watched everywhere you go. You believe you are being lied to, and your fears take over. The government takes control of all parts of your life until they have control of your thoughts and you disappear.


Banquet of Star:

This song was inspired by a real life blind field mouse who lived under the shed at the Zen Ranch.  Mary named him Mr. Wobbles.

For couple months we would frequently see him going about his daily business.  He disappeared one day, but we never forget him.

I often thought of trails and his dreams.


Big Coyote fuzz tail:

We wrote this instrumental one afternoon, later we saw a big coyote in the yard and song has a fuzzy tail.


Throwing daggers at Crows:

There is a folk art painter over in Georgia and Dave Ledgerwood has been a big fan of his art for some time now.  His painting can be found in homes, galleries and the internet. Check out his art sometimes available on Ebay and many videos on Youtube. Dave has purchased some of his paintings; one in particular is called Throwing daggers at Crows.  The story behind the painting is about a retired circus dagger thrower (you know throws sharp knives at the beautiful lady) who now grows corn.  Dave translated the story into song and was released on the Exact Change CD.  We sent the Georgia Red mud painter an advanced copy of the song and he used it to make a cool video spotlighting some of his art, studio and life.



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