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Freshly Painted Tractors 2009

Available only at: and

Film by: David Ledgerwood.

Original painting by: Steven Chandler.





Exact Change 2008

Origami Snake Pit

Antenna Array

Whirlwind Machine

King of Cutting Corners


Throwing Daggers at Crows


Mr. Pissed Off

Meanwhile at the Beach (Bonus Track)




Big Coyote Fuzz Tail 2007

Every little thing {cover Tullycraft}


After all {cover Boat}

Big Coyote fuzz tail

Sinking ship {cover Neutral Milk Hotel}




Comet 2006

Fits and spats

Our yearly watch

Banquet of stars

Mariana trench wars

Children's song not suitable for children

Bumblebee (Bonus track)




Blue Racer 2004

Cattle Train


Blue racer


Chocolate is poison to dogs

Afraid of the dark

Return of the corn dog man.




Force Field 2002

Go to the circus

Some how some way

Cats fly dog kites

Model railroad

My bell

Iron horse socks


Standard issue insect


Secret plane

Holy grail

Force Field (Bonus track)




Go to the Circus 1999

  Go to the Circus

  Model Railroad

  Standard Issue Insect

  The Holy Grail is in Israel

  A short Life (Bonus track)




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Lyrics to our songs.

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