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The News....


December 2011


The Rivertubes are back in the studio and putting together a few new songs for you. Look for a new EP release in the upcoming months. It's been a great year and we want to say thanks to all our friends and happy new years.

In celebration of the holidays and the upcoming 10 year and anniversary of the release of the “Force Field” CD,

we bring you this short video.  The music in the back round was the unlisted bonus track (also the title track).

There’s a little jingle remix with Jade on jingle bells. You might recognize the extraterrestrial visitors from the CD artwork.

Happy Holidays from the Rivertubes and the Zen Ranch.

First, scroll to the bottom of this page and "PAUSE" the RIVERTUBES RADIO. 

Then check out the video at the link below.


July 2011


Check out a some new reviews of some new and old Rivertubes albums from our good friends at Bliss Aquamarine in England.

One of best places to find new music.

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to find the Rivertubes.



December 2010


It's a Christmas miracle and we got a demo song we dug deep into the archives to find. You all no the song "Return of the Corn  Dog Man" we released back in 2004 on the "Blue Racer" CD.  But did you know it's called Return of the Corn Dog Man because it's the sequel.  Yep, back in 2001 we wrote and recorded this demo of the first half of the story "Corndog Man".  So, for the 10th  anniversary of Corndog Man - we letting you hear it in all it's raw glory.


First, scroll to the bottom of this page and "PAUSE" the RIVERTUBES RADIO. 

Then Click below to hear the Corn Man demo:

Corndog Man

Tells the story of a crusty street vendor who drives around town selling his deep fried treats to all the young children and filling their  heads with his wild stories.  The adults in town don't understand, so they impound his truck and run him out of town.


Return of the corn dog man.

He's back with a gun for vengeance. It's not just corn meal covered dogs he'll be frying.



October 2010


Take a listen to a demo song by Dave Ledgerwood called Bottom End.

Dave wrote this song after purchasing some new recording equipment, a Presonus  Fire Box.

This unreleased demo was the first to use the Presonus. This is how some songs were started out for the band to create new parts and practice.  The second song developed as a demo using the Fire Box was King of Cutting Corners, which you can hear the final version on our 6th CD release, Exact Change. 


First, scroll to the bottom of this page and "PAUSE" the RIVERTUBES RADIO. 

Then Click below to hear the Bottom End demo:

Bottom End





August 2010


Rivertubes celebrate 50 years of Dave.


The Georgia Red Mud Painter creates a special video just for the occasion. 

See the whole video at the link below.


Manic Mark makes Dave Ledgerwood a very special cake!

See the whole video at the link below.


Thanks to every one who came out and celebrated.  A huge thanks

Steven Chandler and Mark Betcher for the great videos and to Pat,

Mark and Dave for jamming with the tubes.



July 2010


Are you too sexy for a Rivertubes T-Shirt?

Have you ever seen the the Scissor Strip (outlawed in 6 states)?

Manic Mark shows off his cool new Rivertubes T-Shirt.



June 2010


We can't thank Janet Lundy (A.K.A. Galaxy Girl) enough for

Playing another Rivertubes song "Texaco" June 17 on her show.

Thursday Breakfast Blend June 17, 2010 - Breakfast Blend with Galaxy Girl



Rivertubes are on another compilation "free demos #2"  from:

"Minibike" is the fifth song down on the list.



May 2010


The Best of Fanfares for Neutral Milk Hotel

"This is a collection of what I believe to be the best covers

submitted to all of the Fanfares for Neutral Milk Hotel

between 2005 and 2008. This collection only features

tracks from Fanfares 1, 2, 3, and 5, since 4 was not

a cover compilation." Edward Alan Bartholomew

Up and Over — The Vertigo Poets

Song Against Sex — Your Secret Admirer

Everything Is — Myk Martello

April 1st/Avery Island/April 1st — Gavin Bachner

April 8th — Neutral Drop

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea — seamonster

Where You'll Find Me Now — Johnny Scantron & The #2s

Rubby Bulbs — Spook Mountain

Avery Island/April 1st — Pony Soldier

My Dreamgirl Don't Exist — Bootleg Kazoo

Two-Headed Boy — Bernie Thomas

Tuesday Moon — The Wednesday Club

Leave Me Alone — Paraquat

Sinking Ship — Rivertubes

Wood Guitar — Vertigo Thom

Engine — National Steel

Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2 — Beth Atkinson

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea — Fox Cub


To listen to songs and for more information:



In total there are 5 different Compilations on 5 different CDs with 118 total song contributions from 118 different artists spanning the world. The compilations in total feature more than 380 minutes of original songs.
Artists from the Series Two Records “Retrospective Compilation series” include those located in (17) different states of the USA: Ohio, California, Kansas, Nebraska, Maryland, Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Missouri, Wisconsin, Arizona, Virginia, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Washington DC; International artists include those located in: Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, China, Philippines;

The Retrospective Compilations are now available. If you would like to own a complete set of the retrospective compilations by Series Two Records, here is how. You may send a PayPal payment in the amount of 30 US Dollars payable to

(International & USA shipping rates already included in that price).

All compilations are arriving hand numbered and limited to 100 copies only!

Iif you are interested in additional releases from Series Two Records, there is a convenient easy to use order form found here: http:../../



1. Betsy and a Ukelele - Ukes Not Nukes (Ohio USA)
2. Catastrofista – Star (California USA)
3. Electric Needle Room - Interesting Times (Nebraska & Kansas USA)
4. Hearts By Darts – yurie (Maryland USA)
5. Laguna - Wedded Beat (Washington USA)
6. Landerim - Little Boy Crystal (New York USA)
7. Le Almeida - Cancao pro Beto Guedes (Brazil)
8. Mammoth Life - With Sanctity, Our Declaration (Kansas USA)
9. Modes of Resuscitation – Triggers (Pennsylvania USA)
10. mY mUSIc aTLas - frugal traps & happenstance (Oregon & Missouri USA)
11. Paper City - Oh, The Cargo (California USA)
12. Pretty Abandoned Quintet - Juni-Enden (Washington USA)
13. Rivertubes - King of Cutting Corners (Washington USA)
14. Secrets In the Salt - Turn It Around (Oregon USA)
15. The Argyle Wishlist - clean outta my hands (Wisconsin USA)
16. The Assistants – Fiction (Canada)
17. Cubby Creatures - Keep in Mind (California USA)
18. The Elated Sob Story - Similar Game (California USA)
19. The Japanese- Lovers - who loves a rainy day (California USA)

20. The Life and Times of W.S. – Mudkitten (Arizona USA)
21. The Liontist - Rock Song 11 (Virginia USA)
22. The Mother Z's - Oh, Julia (Illinois USA)
23. The Platitudes - Everything Around Me Has Caught Fire (Florida USA)
24. Thunder Power – Home Office (Nebraska USA)
25. Tigercat! – Christopher (Canada)
26. Uranium Daughters - A Vacant Lot (Massachusetts USA)
















































For a complete track listing of all 5 CDs and more information:



April 2010


Dave and Dave contributed

to a Manic Mark compilation.

Lot's of  fun ambient and weird

sounds with some singing and

spoken word pieces.

Art opera on the Planet of Challenged Beings


Dreamland - Side Show Tink

I go there fore I glow - Side Show Tink

Hubble's Waltz - Button Dave and The Spark

Atomic Stomach Virus + the screamin styrene hiss - Manic Mark

I only paint in yellow - Manic Mark

Robot Monstart - Manic Mark

Eurotrash Circus - Tan Ray Tat

Corn Ball Globe - Tan Ray Tat

Mud Slide - Tan Ray Tat
















Check out the video series about the project from Manic Mark

Check out more from:

Manic Mark



March 2010:


This month we want to introduce you to Jennifer Shepherd.  Jennifer is a great local artist.

Here are a couple of fabrics she's made inspired by the Rivertubes song, Go to the Circus.

Check out the links below to see more.

Jenny makes lots of great art.



February 2010: 



January 2010:



December 2009




November 2009

This month we wanted to introduce you to our good friend Manic Mark (a.k.a. Mark Betcher).

Artist, Musician and outsider.


November link of the month:



October 2009

Saturday September 26, 2009 KEXP 90.3 FM

We've been listing to 90.3 since the KCMU days and love the diversity they play and commitment

to bringing new music to the airways.  We can't thank Hannah Leven and the Audioasis team enough

for playing the Rivertubes.  Please listen to and support music that matters at KEXP.ORG


October link of the month:



August 2009


Thursday, August 2009 WRIR 97.3 FM

 Huge thanks to Janet Lundy host of  Breakfast Blend : with Galaxy Girl,

 for playing the Rivertubes on here show Thursday, August 6


The Play List:



August Link of the Month:

Check out a great station in Richmond Virginia
WRIR on the internet




May 2009

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

We plaid a super secret show at the

Kingsgate Lounge to celebrate

Dawn's birthday.  We had great time

and had a lot of fun with guest performers.

Dawn Shimabukuro, Scott and Julie Harder and 

Rick Tillman.


We also release a new video called.

Freshly Painted Tractors.

You can check it on at

Just search Rivertubes Tractors.

















May Link of the Month:


April 2009:

We putting the final touches on a new video for ya.

Getting ready for a super secret show and laying down tracks for a new song.
















April Link of the Month







March 2009:

What are the Rivertubes working on, it aint no rusty tractor.


March Link of the Month

Audioasis = The Great Northwest

All the music that matters.




January 2009:

On Friday, January 23, 9:00pm 2009 we had a great show with our friends Dyslextasy and Estocar.

Lots and lots of you made it to the show and we can't say thanks enough.

Also a huge thanks to Tom the sound guy and everyone at the Jules Maes Saloon in George Town for having us.

Jules Maes Salon




Check out this review from Joseph Tuesday:



January Link of the Month




Decenmber 2008:

Yes Virginia, there is a new Rivertubes CD. It's hot of the press, to warm up your winter.

Contact us to get your copy.


Our new release, Exact Change is now available on CD

A big thank to Eggnog records for helping out with distributions.




November 2008:

Georgia Red mud Painter and the Rivertubes video.

There is a folk art painter over in Georgia and Dave Ledgerwood has been a big fan of his art for some time now.  His painting can be found in homes, galleries and the internet.  Dave has purchased some of his paintings; one in particular is called Throwing daggers at Crows.  The story behind the painting is about a retired circus dagger thrower (you know throws sharp knives at the beautiful lady) who now grows corn.  Dave translated the story into song and will be released on the up coming Rivertubes CD.

We sent the Georgia Red mud painter an advanced copy of the song and he used it to make a cool video spotlighting some of his art, studio and life.


View the Video at the link below:


View a longer Video with more background by the artist.


View another Video he made using Cat’s fly dog kites in the background with spoken word.


Search you tube with the phrase “Rivertubes” or “Georgia Red mud Painter” or “Steven Chandler” to find more cool stuff.

Go to Ebay and buy cool art by Steven Chandler “Georgia Red Mud”.




JULY 2008:

Rivertubes on a great new compilation, go check it out or better yet buy it.

We're song 13 on Volume 6.


Full Track listing for Series Two Records compilation Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8 and Volume 9 is below . Official release date is July 8, 2008. The compilation 4 CD set features 98 artists and over 300 minutes of music. The Compilations feature artists from all over the world including bands from USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Costa Rica, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, Spain, Malaysia, Latvia, Mexico, Philippines, Japan, and Russia. These compilations will be sold together as a 4 CD set for 30 USD (postage paid to anywhere in the world), There will only be 100 (4 CD) sets available and they will come hand numbered with their own artwork (glossy color artwork and case for each record). Once you view the track list if you'd like to place a pre order for the album send 30 USD for each set requested via paypal to These sets will be ready for shipment beginning in July. If you have any questions please e-mail me via or Myspace message the label via
All proceeds that are made from these compilations will go towards promotion costs for forthcoming releases on the Series Two Recordslabel.
Chris/ Series Two Records
Series Two Records compilation Volume 6 Track List (CD 1). This Volume6 will include a song from each of the following artists. The artists on this particular compilation are from USA and one of the bands has members in USA andCanada.
1. A Candlelight Vigil- Lover's Lane (ARIZONA USA)
2. Boy Of Bark- Ode To Marbles (UTAH USA)
3. Chris Boehk - My Nostalgia (TEXAS USA)
4. Chris Zabriskie- I Can Be Your Love (FLORIDA USA)
5. Dunpont Circles- Inch Worm (MARYLAND USA)
7. Hane Moon- Sunday Afternoon (CALIFORNIA USA)
8. Marc With a C- Jessica, I Heard You Like TheWho (FLORIDA USA)
9. MoogleCharm- A Chance Remark (Seattle, WA USA)
10. mY mUSIc aTLas- The Ones Who Know (Illinois USA)
11. paper scissors ROCKETPACK- Mustard SeedBoat (FLORIDA USA)
12. Poland-FactoryTown (Seattle, WA USA)
13. Rivertubes- Fits And Spats (Seattle, WA USA)
14. Secrets In The Salt- Stale Geometry (OREGON,USA)
15. Silly Pillows- I Smile At Women (Pennsylvania USA)
16. Talking With Hands- Backward In Time (TENNESSEEUSA)
17. The Argyle Wishlist- Great Migration (WISCONSINUSA)
18. The Cartographers- The Particulars (TEXAS USA)
19. The Cindy's- Screamin' Cindy (CALIFORNIA USA)
20. The Elated Sob Story- Wish You Had A Mind(CALIFORNIA)
21. The Haircuts- What's A Girl To Do(CALIFORNIA/CANADA)
22. The Liontist- Happy Days Hippo (VIRGINIA USA)
23. The Mother Z's- Dead Weight (Illinois USA)
24. The Simple Carnival- Really Really Weird(PENNSYLVANIA USA)

Series Two Records Compilation Volume 7 Track List (CD 2):This Volume 7 will include a song from each of the following artists. Theartists on this particular compilation are from Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, Spain,  Malaysia, Latvia, Sweden, Mexico, Philippines, Japan, USA, Canada, UK, and Russia

1. Fantastic June- May (INDONESIA)
2. Anthony Rochester- Friend, Request Manager(AUSTRALIA)
3. Sausage- Only You (THAILAND)
4. Granizo- Olas (PERU)
5. Autofans- Los Virus (SPAIN)
6. Ferns- Disaster Strikes Again (MALAYSIA)
7. Tramplini- Tas Pats (Latvia)
8. Callahan- Boarding Pass (PERU)
9. Community Musk- Good Pastures (AUSTRALIA)
10. South Ambulance- The Nightmovers (SWEDEN)
11. Corazon Attack- Mi Motivo Particular (MEXICO)
12. El Satelite Jameson- Hojas Secas (SPAIN)
13. Lazy Lorelei- Pop Song (PHILIPPINES)
14. Like This Parade- Ok! Anne I Really Carry OutYour Monster (JAPAN)
15. Souffle + Beehive- A Perfect Day For Walking A Camera (JAPAN)
16. Sunny Summer Day- You're The One For Me(INDONESIA)
17. The Assistants- The Ghost In Your Skin (CANADA)
18. The Making Of- Are You Ready For More (UnitedKingdom)
19. The Nothingdoers- Pictures (RUSSIA)
20. Toy Singers- If I Was Here Today (CANADA)
21. Tunas Bangsa Simphony- Indelible Hearts(INDONESIA)
22. Under Shooting Stars- Sweater Weather(PHILIPPINES) for contact message series two records
23. Maybe Tonight- Your Silence (SPAIN)
24. Tulip Circus- Dream (JAPAN)
26. Your Yellow Dress- Everlasting Thing (CALIFORNIA USA)
Series Two Records Compilation Volume 8 Track List (CD 3):This Volume 8 will include a song from each of the following artists. Theartists on this particular compilation are from the United Kingdom and Germany.
1. Crumb- Fecky The Ninth (IRELAND)
2. Dolores Haze- The Window Song (United Kingdom)
3. Everybody Has To Speak- Last Night (UnitedKingdom)
4. Flicklisten- Room And Pillar (United Kingdom)
5. Jam On Bread- I Wish I Was A Manatee (UnitedKingdom)
6. Knabenkraut- Riverbeds (GERMANY)
7. La Famille Catastrophe- Café Song (United Kingdom)
8. Lean Tales- Running Birthday Cake (UnitedKingdom)
9. Mascot Fight- That's A Photocopier (Not A Chair)(UNITED KINGDOM)
10. Monster Bronsons- Cool Cool Water (GERMANY)
11. My Brother Woody- Getting Old Goes With GettingFat (IRELAND)
12. New Year Ruse- Habitual (United Kingdom)
13. Penny Broadhurst- Break It Up & Beat It (United Kingdom)
14. Pocketbooks- Love Is The Stick You Throw (UnitedKingdom)
15. Rex Stinson- Lonely Town (United Kingdom)
16. Seaside Stars- Out Of It (GERMANY)
17. StillCorners- History Of Love (UnitedKingdom)
18. The Fallen Leaves- Go Now (UNITED KINGDOM)
19. The Legendary Ten Seconds- Ends In Tears (UNITED KINGDOM)
20. The Pony Collaboration-Dust (UNITED KINGDOM)
21. The Rocky Nest- Lenny Does A Good Deed (UNITEDKINGDOM)
22. The Sealevel- High And Magic (GERMANY)
23. Twee Pop Craze (features William Cano from Moon OverSoho)- I Belong Only To The Past (UNITED KINGDOM)
Series Two Records Compilation Volume 9 Track List (CD 4):This Volume 9 will include a song from each of the following artists. Theartists on this particular compilation are from France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Norway, and Costa Rica.
1. Anne Bacheley- Genius Bike (FRANCE)
2. Al, Marc & Sandy- Germany (SWEDEN)
3. Happy Go Lucky- I Hope I'll Never See You Again (SWEDEN)
4. Jerry- Spar (SWEDEN)
5. Josse- We Go For Gold (SWEDEN)
6. King Of All The Animals- Angels Fly Low(FINLAND)
7. Labrador- Caleidoscope Aeroplane (DENMARK)
8. Le Man Avec Les Lunettes- The Blogger And TheDandy (ITALY)
9. M. Charivari- Les References (BELGIUM)
10. Mirrors And Copulation- I Took Care Of MyParents (SWEDEN)
11. My Raining Stars- Gone For Ever More (FRANCE)
12. Oliver North Boy Choir- B Lovesong Full (DENMARK)
13. Orange Lem- Geometric Woman (ITALY)
14. Paperweight- Bedford Falls (BELGIUM)
15. Peter Ebbtide- Love Love Love Love Love (NORWAY)
16. Rambling Nicholas Heron- While The Times Were(SWEDEN)
17. Sebastian Fors & The Ones That Got Away-Thinking Of You (SWEDEN)
18. Silent Man- No Ending (SWEDEN)
19. Since Our First Guitar- Post Prague (SWEDEN)
20. Solander- Oh Why (SWEDEN)
21. Spaceship (lanave)- 19 Zeta (COSTA RICA)
22. The Corners- Believe Our Lies (NORWAY)
23. The Hartmans- Ateistens Hopp (SWEDEN)
24. Tim Schmidt and Maja Landin- What I've BeenLooking For (SWEDEN)
25. Princess Niko- The Comic Renaissance Of Luv(NORWAY)
Purchasing information for Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8,Volume 9; 4 CD set is available at the top of this message:




May 2008:

Rivertubes and Dyslextasy played at the Redezvous, May 1st

Even the great Lawrence Welk couldn't have toped this show.

***Check out the live video, from the show.

or search on for "rivertubes", "go to the circus", "wirlwind machine", "fits and spats" or "urban cheese". 

***Lot's of great video from Dyslextasy on youtube too.


Don't forget to visit.


Huge thanks to Pat and everyone who helped put the video together and everyone who made it out.

We had a great time and hope you did to



The Rivertubes Radio, all day, every day.



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